Summer Camp

The Keystone/TUTeens Conservation camp has four focus’s; The Science of watershed and habitat management, the Art of Fly Fishing, a Conservation education, and Technology/Careers in Environmental Science and Conservation. The overall result is learning through interaction with others and hands on applications of what it will take to guard the future of our Environment.

We teach both the Science and the Art of Fly Fishing and the result is a growing love and respect for our Planet. Your Camper will be subject to a busy schedule yet at the same time there will be lots of time for fun, games and Fishing. Your campers will learn; what Trout eat, where they live, how they react to changes in their environment (pollution) and most fun of all, how to catch Trout on a Fly Rod with  a Fly they tied.

We teach both the Science and the Art of Fly Fishing and the result is a growing love and respect for our Planet.

They will  learn first aid, safety precautions, water quality, Fly Fishing nomenclature, Fly Rod Casting, Fly Tying, and reading the types of water flows and feeding habits.

They will learn all this through a systematic learning plan utilizing, classroom participation, video presentations, hands on applications, laboratory work (in class and in the field) outdoor practice, and when they are all done, they will have all evening to put into practice what they learned on the stream that runs through the campus. Each night campers will get to brag about how they used what they learned that day to catch the fish they caught that night.

Don’t worry they won’t be alone or unsupervised. We have a very dedicated volunteer staff that will monitor all their activities.

All our talented staff members have PA required background checks to work with children and youth. Every instructor is also asked to explain to your camper how he got to be working in his or her field and what they had to study to be qualified for their job. We like to show them that there is a future in the Conservation and Environmental field. We also have councilors available to discuss bullying and that there is always somebody available to talk to even when they leave the camp.

For your own satisfaction we also have a Parent Orientation when you arrive to drop off your student. Our presenters will give you an idea of everything your camper will experience.

Saturday is graduation day. We have a BBQ and Graduation ceremony for the whole family. Those that received sponsorship from a Chapter or scholarship from a group will get to meet the people who made their camping experience available to them.