LOUIS A. KOCH Memorial Scholarship

The LAK scholarship was created by the parents of Louis Koch who was in our first graduating class of the TUTeens Fly Fishing school, the first President of the Lackawanna Valley TUTeens Club, a member of the First Keystone/TUTeens Summer Camp, Pennsylvania’s representative at the National Teen Summit in 2015, a member of the National Youth Leadership Council of Trout Unlimited and a member of the Lackawanna Valley Trout Unlimited’s Board of Directors (the youngest Board member of Trout Unlimited in the United States). Louis lead the way for others, yet sadly Louis was taken from us far to soon at the age of 17. The scholarship was started to financially aid students of diverse backs grounds who might not financially qualify to go to camp. You may apply for the scholarship by submitting a copy of your application, along with a letter telling us why you would like to learn about the environment and why you need the financial aid. We would also like a letter from your parents or legal guardian making the request for aid. If you or a member of your family already belong to Trout Unlimited, a letter of recommendation from the Chapter President would be accepted.

American Petroleum Institute Scholarship

API and the group NEPOG, (North East Pa. Oil and Gas Exploration) offer several scholarships for disadvantaged campers who may need their help to attend the camp. Please submit along with your application and letter detailing why you want to attend camp, and a second letter from you or your parents explaining your need for financial aid.


For the above two scholarships mail all information to:

Trout Unlimited
542 Blvd Ave.
Dickson City, PA 18519

Questions call 570-954-5042 or email 


Sponsorships from local Chapters:  Some local Trout Unlimited Chapters offer to sponsor campers from their area. To contact a local Chapter go to the PATU website click on chapters and look for a chapter in your area. Contact them to see if they offer sponsorships